History of Ford Diesel Trucks


Founded by Henry Ford in 1903, Ford Motor Company, or simple Ford, has been an important name in the automobile industry for generations. The automobile company is the 5th largest in the world, and the only second in the USA, rivaled by General Motors.

Its huge line of luxury cars, trucks, buses and even tractors has made it an extremely popular name among people.

We’ll talk about the history of Ford, and the important milestones in diesel engine technology achieved by its 100th anniversary.

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History of Ford Diesel Motors

The world saw Ford’s first diesel truck in 1983—shortly after a time of economic crisis in America, and three times increase in fuel prices. There was a need for cheap and sustainable fuel. And the need was urgent.

Several companies tried working with Diesel trucks — GM and Dodge were the first, followed by Chevrolet. By 1982, diesel engines had gained popular mandate, and all this while, Ford had been working with International Harvester to manufacture V-8 Diesel engines for light and medium trucks.

The light truck IDIs came out in 1982 and were updated and improvised every few years. In 1988, the displacement went from 6.9 liters to 7.3 liters, and in 1993, a turbocharger increased horsepower immensely. For many, it is the best Ford diesel engine. 

What is special about Ford’s diesel trucks is the company’s innovative focus on areas that weren’t originally a priority to its contemporaries—power output, torque levels, and low revs instead of simply efficiency. 

What completely changed the diesel truck industry was Ford’s 1994 Power Stroke, born again with the collaboration of Ford and International Harvester (now called Navistar). The Power Stroke was fundamentally different from the previous engines, based on electronic control, direct fuel injection, and solid engine output. Of course, Ford did eventually release newer, improved models of the IDI in the subsequent years, and the Power Stroke is considered essential to be the IDIs progeny, with several inspired components. 

These engines were introduced in the Bullnose truck lines (known as such for their broad snout shape) which include the Ford-350s and Ford-250HDs. 

As of now, we can roughly calculate that more than 1.5 million IDI engine models have been produced. Though now featuring outdated designs and overshadowed by modern technology, they still have a steady following that swears by these engines. 

1st F-150 Diesel Motor

Ford Diesel Motors of the Last Century

Since its inception, Ford has carved for itself a prevalent identity and has seen humongous success. It has built a wide, international consumer base along with a steady group of customers that swear by its line of products. Ford has earned customer loyalty by providing complete fulfillment and gaining popular approval through variety, consistent quality, and efficient service. 

Perhaps the greatest quality of Ford Motors has been the reliability it has accorded buyers. Buying a Ford vehicle almost always guarantees good quality and high-end automobiles that deliver what they promise. 

In 2017, Ford completed 100 years of operation. In the past hundred and some years, it has launched some exceptional automobiles. Henry Ford’s vision of excellence, durability, and serviceability has shone throughout its work.

Ford released its first truck in 1917, called the Model TT, which was then followed by Model A Pickup, Model 50, and in 1948, the stellar, ever famous F-Series. For the last 40 years, the F-Series stands as America’s best-selling truck. It is also considered to be the best-selling vehicle in 35 years.

Over time, Ford has rebranded itself as a luxury brand that focuses on utilitarianism along with style and panache. Since the launch of the first-gen Ford series, vehicles have become more and more innovative and sport aerodynamic designs and stylish paint patterns. It has also introduced the vehicle model that allows both truck and car feel to the same automobile, like the Falcon Ranchero. Ford also introduced a line of Premium Trucks like the Lariat and the famous Ranger. At the latest, it launched the 2015 alloy truck and the 2017 Super Duty Trucks.  

Even with the variety of product types, Ford has been consistent with its customers. It has been delivered and delivered well. Ford trucks have become synonymous with not just utilitarian vehicles, but also family vehicles.

Their dynamism is a testament to the American lifestyle that values work, comfort, sophistication, efficacy, family, and entertainment and looks for it all in a compact space that speaks for its worth. And that is the Ford vehicle. 


Introducing diesel engines at the correct, intelligently calculated time, and subsequently building upon new technologies and machinery has given Ford much deserved fame and international recognition. Ford is often credited for ‘bringing the world on wheels’ and rightly so. It has grown superbly over the years, and there is no stopping it.